Social Networking – Tips On How To Market Your Direct Sales Business On Twitter

If you are with one of the Direct Sales companies and trying to build a portion of your business online, it is very important to get involved with popular online social media networking sites like When new business professionals start marketing their businesses on Twitter, they often make a big marketing mistake by tweeting out massive amounts of business spam messages instead of trying to network and get to know their followers.

When people join social media networking sites, they don’t want to be spammed 24/7 with business messages. They do want to learn more about the company or business they are following along with the products you are marketing…but…they also want to engage in meaningful conversation with that company’s consultant who is doing all of that Tweeting. In the case of Direct Sales…that means they want to engage in meaningful conversations with YOU.

When it comes to marketing your business on Twitter, here are a few important tips that you should know.

1. Try to engage your followers by asking them questions or asking them for their opinions on the products you are trying to market.

2. Don’t make your Tweets all about business all of the time. Mix them up with some general chit chat topics. You can discuss non-confrontational current events or daily life topics with your followers.

3. Don’t have every Tweet contain a link to your web site. That is viewed as link spam and is often reported by followers to Twitter as spam.

4. Offer up some general Direct Sales, home business, networking, marketing, etc. types of tips that you find beneficial that you think other’s would be interested in. You can visit other web sites that offer home business resources and tweet out links to those articles if you are not great at sharing your own business tips. In addition, if you enjoy great inspirational business quotes, tweet out a few of those a day too!

5. Never send out out direct messages to followers with your business information in it unless that specific person has asked you for the information.

6. Never send @ mentions to people who are not following you advertising your products or services. This is considered to be @ mention spam and is reported by followers to Twitter. If people want to follow you or they want your information, they will request it from you.

7. Make sure your profile page is filled out correctly with a working live link to your web site or blog. Many times when I click on profile page links they are broken and incorrect. In addition, you will need a business logo or a photograph of yourself to use as your avatar. No one enjoys seeing the Twitter standard bluebird avatar when they are talking to someone.

8. Don’t bombard your followers with too many tweets! People will quickly unfollow someone who sits on there 24/7 sending out hundreds of messages.

Marketing your Direct Sales business online can be a profitable endeavor if it is done correctly and if you work on it consistently. By following the tips I have outlined above you will have more success with your marketing efforts on Twitter.

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