Marketing – The Lost Art in MLM

For an industry whose very name indicates that it involves marketing,
this is often the most overlooked and least understood aspect for the
majority of distributors. For with out marketing, you do not have a
business and will make no money.

Contrary to the hype often promoted in opportunity ads, marketing
of some type, including selling, is a necessary part of your business.
Now this does not mean that you have to become a slick salesman
with a memorized pitch for all of your prospects. It does mean that
as a business owner, you need to understand certain fundamental
concepts related to marketing and more specifically to network

The chief type of marketing used by almost all MLM distributors
achieving success is known as direct response marketing or simply
direct marketing. This is marketing in which the business owner
can immediately determine whether or not his marketing campaign
is profitable or needs to be changed. That’s because this type of
marketing uses testing and immediate action.

Direct marketing is in direct opposition to institutional marketing,
which is the vast majority of what most people would typically call
advertising. Most TV commercials or print ads in magazines
simply advertise a company or product but have no way for the
consumer to respond to that particular ad. Even worse, the
advertisers typically have no way of knowing whether any
particular ad is producing results, such as an increase in sales or
leads gathered.

So what does this mean for you as an MLM business owner?
Simply that you need to learn how to use to direct marketing to
your advantage in the gathering of prospects and converting them
into distributors in your downline. Depending on the amount of
money you wish to spend in marketing, you have various choices
you can use. But before you can decide on what route you are
going to take, you first need to learn more about what specifically
works and what doesn’t.

The best and easiest way to do this is simply to read books or order
courses from the numerous direct marketing masters. Many of these
marketers have been around for years and have proven themselves
time and time again. The vast majority of them started off-line but
as the internet continues to grow in importance they are moving
online in a massive way.

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