Market Your Business to Get More Clients

So how do you go about getting more clients? The bottom line is to learn how to market your business. 80% of your business success will depend on how effectively you market your business. You may have the best products and services, the most experienced staff and the best systems and processes in place. None of this means anything if your target market is unaware of your existence.

The majority of business owners have great skills and knowledge in their area of expertise. Making people aware of your business and its offerings, bringing them to the point of requesting your services and converting them into customers, is the job of marketing and sales. Many entrepreneurs fall down in this area of their business.

The place to start is with your marketing strategies. Review your current marketing activities and see where within the following six broad categories they fit:

  • Direct contact and follow-up
  • Networking and referral
  • Public speaking.
  • Article writing/authoring
  • Promotional activities.
  • Advertising

I have arranged these strategies in order of most effective to least effective, top to bottom. In your review of your current activities, where are you spending the majority of your energies and money?

If you’re spending the majority of your marketing budget on advertising in Yellow Pages, magazines, newspapers and brochures, without also embracing more effective strategies such as networking and referral, then your results will be less than spectacular.

You should try for a good marketing mix, meaning a selection of strategies (say 2 to 4) from the above list. Any more than four strategies will be too hard to manage; any less than two will not bring you the results you desire. Within these strategies there are many (hundreds) tactics and activities that you can employ in winning new clients and growing your business.

If your business is service based, advertising alone will not be very effective in winning over new clients. A better approach would be say, networking and referral, direct contact and follow-up and article writing. The reason for this is when you are selling services credibility and trust are very important aspects in a prospects mind. The personal touch, such as networking and referral will build trust more effectively than an advertisement.

The other critical component of marketing is to know your target market well enough to be able to craft compelling messages directly to them. Take the focus off you and your business and place It directly on your prospects needs, issues, problems and how your services offer a solution to all their woes.

Your marketing message should show your prospects that you’re well aware of the problems they face and your services and products will provide the answers they are looking for!

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