Do liqueurs contain alcohol?

Alcohol can be found in many types of beverages, and it is created when yeast is fermented in order to break down the sugars of different ingredients.

The alcohol content in liqueurs is very low. In fact, most liqueurs contain between 15 and 20% ABV (alcohol by volume). The alcohol type in fruit liqueurs is usually ethanol. However, vodka can also be found in some liqueur recipes such as Creme de Cacao. Ethanol happens to be the same type of alcohol that you find in beer, wine and spirits like whiskey & bourbon. That means all types of alcoholic beverages provide you with a similar count in terms of calories per serving size, but they do differ when it comes to their other nutritional components. In addition to the above, some liqueurs also contain rum, brandy or other spirits.

Liqueurs are typically enjoyed as an after-dinner drink, but there is nothing stopping you from enjoying them at any time of the day, socially by adding them to delicious cocktails. The Pina Colada Liqueur, for example, can be used to make an easy yet delicious Pina Colada cocktail. Because it contains no fat and little sugar per serving size, liqueur can be a great choice if you’re trying to lose weight. Of course, like with many alcoholic drinks; moderation is key; so, don’t overdo it.

Liqueurs make a great addition to any home bar because of their versatility and great sweet taste. Add some fruit, cream or tropical liqueurs to your home bar today, and become a master in creating delicious drinks for your family and friends.

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