Direct Mail – Why it is Still So Efficient

• Time Spent – I’m not talking about the amount of time you spent designing, implementing and sending your mail, I’m talking about the amount of time your reader spends looking at your marketing. If you think about it, when someone looks at an advert online, if they aren’t interested, they will simply click off. Whereas in Direct Mail, if they aren’t interested, chances are they will just put it down somewhere in their house; and then they look at it again later.

• Precision – Instead of a ‘hit and hope’ method, with Direct Mail, you can pinpoint the people who fit your psychographic, demographic, and geographic profile, meaning much more targeted eyes are reading; therefore, you will get a higher ROI (Return On Investment)

• Immediate Responses – Once you send out your direct mail, it doesn’t take long to get a response. Within one or two weeks you’ll receive around 80-90% of all those who are going to respond. If your campaign works, you’ll know about it quickly. If it doesn’t, you will know that quickly as well.

• Simple – It is so simple to create a direct mail campaign; all you need to do is design your leaflet/brochure/letter, and then print multiple copies. You can then send these out, and all you’ve had to do was spend maybe an hour designing it.

• Cost Efficiency – For the purpose of this point, let’s say that a single letter to a single house costs 50p. You sell your services at say £20 a pop. Therefore, you can send out 40 letters, and as long as you receive one response, you’ve lost no money! You need to work out how much it will cost each household, and how much one response will earn you, as a minimum. Once you know this, you will know how cost-effective Direct Mail can be for you!

So there you have it; just a few brief points as to why I think Direct Mail is still one of the most efficient ways of marketing. Let me know what you think in the comments below; I’m looking forward to a discussion!

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