3 Ways That You Can Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing

One of the facts of modern life now is the huge growth of smartphones, such as iPhones and other devices. Over 50% of the population now has a smartphone and that number is growing. People use their phone to quickly find something when they need something urgently or when they need to find something that is local to them. And people use their phones when they’re bored or when they’re, they’ve got a bit of time on their hands. Now how can you, as a small or medium sized business owner, tap in to the fantastic marketing power of these devices? They have great marketing potential, and it’s something which we’re really only in the early days of, but if you start thinking about it now you can really get ahead of the curve and ahead of your competitors. Here’s three ways you can go about making your website marketing mobile-friendly.

Set up a mobile-friendly website.

Websites look different on the small screens of a smartphone. And you can create a separate website that is another version of your site, that’s set up to be read on these things. It makes it easier to use, and easier for them to take the information in.

Text message marketing.

People read text messages, they don’t read all their emails. Basically, if you’re not collecting the mobile phone numbers of your customers, then you’re missing a trick, because, think of all the emails that you delete without even reading them. And then you compare that to, when was the last time you deleted a text message without at least having a look at what it was? Most people read their text messages, so if you text your customers with an offer or with some news, or with anything else, some kind of promotion, the chances are, they’re going to read it, and they’re going to respond to it.

Start using QR codes on marketing materials.

QR codes and Microsoft Tags are small barcode-style images that you can put onto your leaflets, onto your adverts, onto your direct mail letters, on your signage, any physical advertising that you have really. These barcodes can be scanned with the camera of a smartphone, and the code will automatically direct the phone to display a webpage, video, image, or anything else you want to link to.

There are so many opportunities for this method of marketing, from advertising your restaurant’s daily specials from a QR code on your menus, to sending them a newspaper advert to an opt-in for your newsletter, or a special offer that they can get instore.

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